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Sep 18, 2018 2 min read

When Does The First Trimester End?

The pregnancy trimester calculator allows you to know the trimester of pregnancy in which you are. With this, you can have more information about your pregnancy monitoring, the evolution of your baby and the care that is recommended for example during the pregnancy trimester in which you are.

How to calculate trimesters of pregnancy?

This pregnancy trimester calculator is one of our various pregnancy calculators that is very easy to use. You must enter the date of your last period and press the Calculate button. The calculator will calculate directly for you your delivery date, which is a probable date because each pregnancy is different, as well as the approximate date of the trimesters of pregnancy .

The first trimester of pregnancy is composed of the first three months of pregnancy. During this first trimester, even if your body is changing, your pregnancy is not really visible yet. You will feel your first pregnancy symptoms. It is at the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy that you will have to do your first pregnancy ultrasound.

Then, during the second trimester of pregnancy , you will notice big changes in your body. Your body has undergone many changes such as heavy weight gain and the appearance of stretch marks and you will notice that the first trimester pregnancy problems are disappearing.

Finally, during the third trimester of pregnancy , you will feel more and more tired. You may experience some pregnancy pains such as digestive, respiratory and urinary problems.

When does each trimester start?

There is no real date for delineating the trimesters of pregnancy . However, it is generally considered that a trimester of pregnancy represents about 3 months of pregnancy. On our website, we consider that the second trimester of pregnancy begins at 14 weeks of pregnancy and that the third trimester of pregnancy begins around the 28th week of pregnancy.